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If you want to make this dream come true and build this project with us, support us with your donation!

Why do we need your support?

Currently, the main activity of LAR is to develop a regenerative agricultural project that will hire a member of each of the welcomed families. This project foresees the production of differentiated products, such as goji, black currant and saffron, as well as vegetables of ordinary use, in an integrated production mode. This project requires a substantial investment, not only because of the necessary interventions that the land is in need of, but also in the implementation of the agricultural plan itself.


Besides the agricultural project, there are many others we develop focusing on the areas of socio-cultural integration of the families as well as to support to the local community.


In order to achieve our goals and carry out our mission, your support is crucial! If you want to help us, you can make a donation by selecting one of the payment methods available below.