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A home build on diversity and adversity

An initiative that integrates families of refugees and/or migrants in depopulated villages in Portugal.

The pilot project is being developed in the village of Ima (Guarda) and aims to create solutions for different contemporary challenges.

The project focuses on the integration of families through interculturalism, sustainable agriculture and the promotion of the rural world. 

The goal is to create an holistic and integrated response that offers the welcomed families a new perspective on their future in Portugal.

Portugal has a community of 590,338 migrants living in national territory. Among these, statistics show how foreign residents from countries outside the EU are at greater risk of poverty or social exclusion.

The number of refugees hosted in Portugal between December 2015 and December 2019 was 2,285. However, it’s known that more than half didn’t remain in the country.

Where we work


LAR is part of the solution to the social inequalities that exist in our societies.
We aim to be a home for refugees and/or migrants who are at risk of social, economic and cultural exclusion. Our work includes renovating houses for living, supporting the local community and developing programs for socio-cultural integration.

Rural World

With LAR, we want to address two major challenges existing in the rural world in Portugal - depopulation and population aging. Therefore, the integration of families in depopulated villages aims not only to encourage settlement in areas suffering from depopulation, but also to provide psycho-social support to the existing (elderly) local communities. Our work is focused on building resilient communities based on cooperation and mutual respect.


LAR proposes to contribute to the non-abandonment of land observed in rural areas by developing an agricultural project for four members of the welcomed families.
This project aims to promote environmental regeneration through the use of sustainable agricultural practices that enable the preservation of rural landscapes and biodiversity.


We are building a regenerative agricultural project!

Being a member of LAR project is your opportunity to be actively part of the response to the challenges we work on


LAR wouldn’t exist without the support of its partners!