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Bárbara Moreira

Bárbara’s academic background is in Marketing Management. She has worked in this area for the last 9 years. 


Passionate about human rights and social issues, Bárbara has been volunteering since she was 16 in different associations that help disadvantaged children and homeless people – something that she continues to do until today.


She founded LAR project – thinking globally acting locally – from an idea she was and has been working on for years. It arises from her belief that it would be impossible not to act when the refugee crisis reached historical levels, and from the goal of creating a dignifying and sustainable life for migrants and refugees. 


She is currently responsible for the marketing department of a textile group by day, and (unpaid) president of AIIR’s board by night.

Catarina Bento

Catarina has a degree and a master in psychomotor rehabilitation, with specialization in management. She has developed her professional career in management and coordination of innovative and social inclusion projects. Her mission is to contribute to solving social problems, and the inclusion of people is on the basis of her work. 


She is a person of people and causes, of fights for human rights and social and environmental sustainability. Her interest in Portugal’s rural development results from a childhood lived in a village that breathes a communitarian spirit, and from a more regular interaction with the villages in the district of Guarda in the last 3 years. She believes in people and in change.


Catarina joined LAR for acknowledging that this is a project that makes sense in what consists the fight for human rights and the inclusion of people allied to sustainable rural development.

Vanessa Rei

Vanessa has a master degree in Psychology, a postgraduate degree in Social Entrepreneurship and is currently undertaking a PhD in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies. She was born in Guarda, but her adventurous spirit led her to live and work in several European capitals: she volunteered with homeless people in Belfast, worked with Portuguese emigrants at the Portuguese Consulate in Paris and in London she was part of a carers’ team for children victims of sexual abuse. She has worked in the area of clinical psychology, mainly directed to young people and adults.

Ghalia Taki

Ghalia is from Damascus, Syria, where she studied Arabic-English Translation. Throughout her professional life she has done humanitarian work, having worked for the Red Cross in Syria to support Lebanese refugees. Since she came to Portugal, Ghalia has been a mediator and interpreter for JRS (Jesuit Refugee Service) organization, where she has been working for more than four years.

Maria Furtado

Maria studied communication sciences and worked as a marketing assistant and copywriter in organizations of different sectors, such as Digital Marketing, Fintech, Engineering Consulting and Brand Strategy.


She joined LAR for believing in viable and well thought solutions to human problems.

Miguel Serrão

Miguel graduated in forest engineering and did several post-graduations in the areas of agronomic and agricultural sciences.


He has performed duties of technical, operational and executive management in companies of the agricultural sector. He has led associations, was a director at the Ministry of Agriculture and advisor to several governmental offices. 


Miguel did agricultural consultancy for LAR. He joined the project because he believes that the sustainable solution the project offers is a way to build a better world.