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In our association, volunteering is lived as a way to expand collaboration, learn new techniques or skills and share experiences. There are two ways for you to become a volunteer of LAR.

To volunteer remotely:

If you live far from Ima but identify with our mission, you can collaborate with us in areas such as communication, consulting, impact mediation, artistic projects, or others.

Volunteer in Ima:
If you want to spend some time with us, we accept volunteers to support our main areas of work:

1. the agricultural one, where you will work side by side with the family members who will develop the agricultural project;

2. the social area, where you will provide support to the families in tasks such as: helping to learn Portuguese, supporting the children with their school homework, going with the families to community services (Social Security, etc.), organizing recreational or cultural events for the community, supporting the elderly living in Ima.

Requirements to be a volunteer:
At least 21 years old, command of the English language. We only accept people who have already developed some kind of skills with which they volunteer themselves.

What we are looking for:
Work experience in humanitarian and/or social causes, training or experience in agroecology or social sciences, interest in working with the elderly. People with experience in building will be valued.

To become a volunteer at LAR, just fill out this form: